RANURADO Project. Development of a grooving system for aeronautical parts.

Duration of the project: 08/09/2016 – 28/02/2018

One of the essential operations in the development of specific parts for aircraft is the grooving of honeycomb composite parts with a specific geometry. This operation, which is common to the parts of all the major aeronautical groups, requires maximum precision and is extremely complex.


The main objective of the project is to develop an automated system for grooving NOMEX and similar honeycomb composite parts in different geometries and sizes.

The fundamental challenge is to position UTINGAL as a company with high added value and high production and process capacities in the face of large aeronautical corporations, differentiating itself from them by the possibility of integrating the maximum number of operations.


The activities of the project have been the following:

  • Technical study and research into processes
  • Design
  • Development and manufacture of prototype
  • Test bench and trials


After multiple tests, a satisfactory result has been obtained, both in terms of slot size and position, applying the necessary correction to adapt to the curvature of the line of cells.