The Xunta de Galicia, through the Galician Innovation Agency (Gain), will collaborate with Utingal in the development of the first integrated solution for recycling polyamides from the aeronautical sector for use in advanced technologies such as 3D printing. This is one of the 11 projects supported through the Conecta Hubes programme to which the regional government has allocated a total of 6.4 million euros.

This initiative, called Replay, has the strategic support of Airbus and, together with Utingal, four other companies are participating in it to respond to the three main areas of this project: chemistry, mechanics and automation and control. In addition, the Multisectoral Research Technological Centre (Cetim) and the University of Vigo are collaborating, which will contribute their research capacities to the project.

In a visit that the director of the Galician Innovation Agency (Gain), Patricia Argerey, made in recent days to the facilities of Utingal, in Tui (Pontevedra), highlighted the “extensive experience” of this company in the aeronautical and mechanical field; as well as the support that the firm Moveratus, for the programming and automation of manufacturing processes, and MSS Seidor, in the design of software to optimise the use of raw materials, will provide. Enso Innovation and Ecoplas Barbanza are also collaborating.

With a total budget of almost 700,000 euros, which the Xunta supports with more than 410,000 euros, Patricia Argerey pointed out that, although this first experience will be carried out in the aeronautical sector, the vocation of this project is to develop the prototype, take it to the market and use the equipment in any area of the plastics industry. Furthermore, the development of a new material will allow new uses for a by-product that contributes to a circular economy process.


Esquema del proyecto REPLAY desarrollado por CETIM Centro Tecnoloógico.